Tools & Materials

I am committed to restoring decorative and fine furniture by hand, using traditional techniques.  Hand stretched webbing, hand tied springs and the sculpting and stitching of traditional stuffings are integral to creating the true shape of a seat and will ensure it lasts for many years to come. 

I use tools passed down through generations of upholsterers and traditional materials such as jute webbing, horsehair and coir stuffing, hessian and linen scrim, linen twines and unbleached calico.   I always try to use tacks and avoid staples.  Upholstery is designed to be reversible so that a fabric can change with an interior; I find tacks are the least invasive of fixings to remove.


I work to commission, restoring fine furniture, family heirlooms and well-loved upholstered pieces to their original condition; if necessary stripping back to the frame but always retaining the integrity of the piece and conserving any original upholstery where sound and intact.


I offer a bespoke service sourcing sofas, chairs and all types of seating to restore and cover as a client wishes.

I also have a few unique finished pieces available to buy from my studio.